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A Closer Look at the Questionnaire

What to Expect in the Drug and Alcohol Questionnaire

Getting ready for a drug and alcohol evaluation at Let’s explore what’s in the questionnaire and why it’s crucial to be truthful.

Different Types of Questions

In the questionnaire, you’ll discover various types of questions such as:

  1. Medical History: These questions inquire about your health and any medical problems you might have had.
  2. Employment: These questions are about your job and whether it’s connected to using substances like drugs or alcohol.
  3. History of Substance Use: These questions explore your past experiences with substances like drugs or alcohol.
  4. Legal History: These questions ask if you’ve faced any legal issues related to substances like drugs or alcohol.
  5. Family and Social History: These questions focus on your family, friends, and the people who support you in your life.
  6. Psychiatric Status: These questions are about your mental health, including how you’re feeling emotionally and whether you’ve seen a doctor for it.

Our questionnaire has been carefully designed to use industry-recognized assessment questions. These questions are trusted by the criminal justice system and are considered the highest standard for evaluating substance use.

Why Being Honest Is So Important

It doesn’t matter why you’re doing the evaluation – for yourself, because of the law, or for a job – being honest is really, really important. Especially if what you say could have something to do with the law or getting your license back, telling the truth makes sure everything is right.

How Long It Takes and What Happens Next

Wondering how long the evaluation takes? Well, it depends on your situation’s complexity and answer detail. Most people finish the questionnaire in about 20 to 30 minutes, so there’s no need to rush; just ensure your answers are accurate.

Once you submit your responses, our experts carefully review them. Then, we’ll have a follow-up discussion video call, lasting 30 to 45 minutes, depending on your situation’s complexity. During this call, we’ll ask any additional questions needed for accurate results. Usually, you’ll get your results in less than two days, sometimes sooner.

In summary, understanding the questionnaire reduces confusion, and truthful answers are crucial, especially for legal matters. Take your time, and remember, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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