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Get to Know Us: Our Mission and Unique Traits

Empowerment Through Knowledge was established with the goal of eliminating conventional barriers to evaluation services, ensuring greater accessibility to substance abuse evaluation for all. Our objective is to deliver professional, cost-effective, and personalized evaluation services through a convenient online platform.

Our Mission

We think that everyone should have the chance to get honest, private, and kind evaluations. Our goal is to help you learn about yourself, grow, and make good changes in your life.

We Are Forward Thinkers

What Sets Us Apart

We’re different because we use new ideas and care about you. Our online system, along with our certified counselors, makes sure you get important evaluations. We do this with care and technology to help you.

Embracing ESG Values

Caring deeply about the environment, fairness, and doing what’s right is at the heart of our mission. It’s not just about evaluations for us; we’re dedicated to making the world better. We reduce paper use and ensure everyone feels included.

We Value Your Privacy

You count on us to deliver the best telehealth experience when seeking evaluation services. You also count on us to protect your personal information. Privacy is fundamental to our business and we’re committed to:

  • Transparency: We’re open and honest about how we use your data.
  • Choice and Control: We give you choices about how we use your data.
  • Security: We use strong safeguards to keep your data confidential and secure.
  • Integrity: We do what we say.

About the Founder: Rowan Altice, CADC-II, ICADC, SAP, CCS was founded by Rowan Altice, the CEO of Welforma, a company specializing in telehealth services within the behavioral health sector. With over a decade of experience in behavioral health, Rowan has managed substance use programs and supervised counseling staff across for-profit, non-profit, and government sectors. As a former Clinical Supervisor at a Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program in a prison, Rowan uniquely understands the intersection of substance misuse and the legal system.

As the owner and founder of, Rowan also serves as the Clinical Director, ensuring top-quality service offerings and providing supervision to the clinical team. Internationally certified as an alcohol and drug counselor and clinical supervisor, Rowan exemplifies his commitment to excellence in the field.

“Our flaws can either bring us down or become our biggest strength. Luckily, we get to decide which path to take.”

Rowan Altice Founder

Learn More About the Clinical Team

Interested in learning about the experts at Check out our Clinical Team page to meet the experienced professionals who bring compassion and expertise to every evaluation. Find out about their qualifications and dedication, which fuel our mission to offer strong support for positive change.

Want to Join Our Team?

If you’re passionate about empowerment, innovation, and helping others, we invite you to explore opportunities to join the team. Visit our Careers page to discover how you can contribute to our mission.

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