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Know our Refund Policy –

Last Modified: June 23, 2024

At, our aim is to provide you with thorough and accurate evaluation reports that meet your needs. We understand that the party requesting the evaluation sometimes might not approve the report. In such cases, we offer a refund for the evaluation report fee. This refund policy applies to all evaluations purchased from November 4, 2023, onwards.

Conditions for Refund:

We only issue refunds when the entity requesting the evaluation (like the court, probation department, or employer) does not approve the evaluation we completed. We will first contact the requesting party to provide any additional information needed to gain acceptance for your report. The following conditions/limitations also apply:

  1. Submit Proof/Documentation: To get a refund, you need to provide proof that the evaluation report was not accepted by the requesting party. This proof should include the reason for non-acceptance, be on letterhead, and include full contact information, or be sent from the requesting party’s email address.
  2. Notification: You must tell us about the rejection within 30 days of getting the evaluation report. Submit a support ticket to start the refund process.
  3. Evaluation Report Integrity: The evaluation report must stay unchanged and in its original condition. If you make any changes to the report, you may not be eligible for a refund.

In addition, if you purchase a same-day appointment/service or off-business hour appointment/service and meet the conditions for a refund as outlined in this policy, we will issue you a refund. Please be aware that a $100 fee will be retained to cover the costs of promptly connecting you with a clinician. However, this fee will not apply if you purchase an Expedited Drug and Alcohol Evaluation or an Expedited DOT SAP Evaluation.

Refunds are Not Provided Under the Following Circumstances:
  1. Inaccurate Information Provided: We don’t refund if key information and case facts were not given to us or if incorrect information was provided to us (during your questionnaire, interview, or any interaction with staff).
  2. Refunds for Non-Participation: We don’t give refunds if you decide not to complete the evaluation process. Our services start when you request and pay for them. If you choose not to participate for any reason, we can’t issue a refund.
    • In accordance with our Terms of Use, you agree to be punctual for all appointments with staff. If you miss your initial appointment, you may reschedule the session once. However, failure to attend the second appointment will necessitate restarting the process with a new payment, and you will forfeit your eligibility for a refund due to non-participation.
  3. Multiple Use Incompatibility: Refunds are not provided if your evaluation was accepted in one context (e.g., court) but not accepted in another (e.g., by a motor vehicle department).
  4. Disagreement with Evaluation Findings: Refunds are not provided if the client does not agree with the evaluation’s findings, including diagnostic findings and recommendations.
  5. Claimed Errors in Evaluation Reports: We do not provide refunds in cases where a client claims that an error is included in the evaluation report we have created. Our reports are prepared with the utmost care, precision, and professionalism. If you believe there is an error in the report, please submit a support ticket, and we review the concern and provide clarification or corrections if necessary.
  6. Delayed Delivery: We strive to deliver all reports within the timeframes posted on our website (24 to 48 hours or less). However, these timeframes are provided for reference only and are not guaranteed. Due to various factors that may impact the delivery process, we do not provide refunds for reports sent past the 24- or 48-hour timeframe.
  7. Dissatisfaction with Staff Conduct: We cannot provide refunds based on the conduct of our counseling or clinical staff during any client interaction, including video evaluation session(s). Our staff is trained to maintain a professional and respectful environment. If you experience any issues during a session, please report them to our support team immediately by submitting a support ticket so we can address your concerns appropriately. However, such issues do not entitle you to a refund.
How to Request a Refund:

To request a refund, please submit a support ticket. Our staff will collect all the required documentation to process the refund in accordance with our Refund Policy.

Refund Process:

Once we get your refund request and verify the documentation, we will start the refund process. If your refund request meets our Refund Policy, the refund will be sent using the original payment method used for the evaluation report purchase.

Please wait up to 10 business days for the refund to show in your account after processing.

Questions or Concerns:

Contact our customer support team if you have any questions or concerns about our refund policy. We’re here to help you and ensure your satisfaction with our services.